The pains in lower abdomen have different causes. They also have different levels of severity. It is very important for you to consider the level of severity of your pain before you even attempt to undertake any kind of treatment method for your pain. Through this simple write up, you will be learning about very important things to consider about lower abdominal pain and how to treat the severe pain. In your own interest, you should go through the information that had been made known through the write up.

Severity in terms of population

Severe lower abdominal pain can be measures as a function of the individuals that are already affected by it. In actual fact, a lot of individuals are already affected by it. Most people keep away from work on daily basis due to nothing other than pain. It had also been considered as the commonest neurological health condition around both in the United States and many other countries in the world. It becomes severe when you begin to experience it and you do not take necessary steps to put paid to it.

What leads to severity?

Severe lower pain can occur if you do not take quick action when you begin to feel the lower back pain mildly. If you do not get yourself treated on time, you may end up with something more painful. Once you begin to feel some pain each time you lift heavy load, you should stop such an action. If you make the mistake of continuing with the action, you are setting yourself up for severe pain.

This type of pain is also referred to as chronic lower pain. This is entirely different from the acute one. Acute only lasts for a short period of time while the severe or chronic type lasts for a rather long period of time. It can even last for up to three months at times. The pain is usually felt deeply. It also tends to radiate to every other parts of the spine and to different parts of the body. In most cases, it is some what difficult to diagnose the cause.


This kind of pain can be caused by several factors. Age is one of them. As one grows older, the bones tend to weaken. Once this begins to occur, it becomes rather common for affected individuals to experience pain. The disc in the vertebra around the lower abdomen too gets weakened; the same happens to the level of elasticity of the surrounding muscles. Acute pain can also lead to chronic type if it not treated accordingly. Untreated bacterial infection to the spinal cord can also lead to this type of pain.


I hope you have been informed about this condition. You will need to put the causes into consideration so as to fully understand how to treat it. Swift response is necessary before things get out of hands.