When people take the drug marijuana in any form, one of its chemical components i.e. THC is detectable in the blood. This component can be detected quite easily and shows up on most blood tests. If you are going to go for a urine test from your work place and you will learn how long marijuana stay in your system, this can very well put your job on the line. However, there are various ways you can use to pass marijuana urine test. Apart from the most obvious way that requires you to no take the drug at all, there are a few other things you can do if you have chosen to use the drug.

One of the most common methods people use to pass the test is to substitute their urine with that of someone else. You can ask a friend or a colleague for this favour if he/she is ready to help. Since there is no adulteration in this case, there is no way you will fail the test.

Another popular option people go for is synthetic substitutes. Asking people for a favour like this may not always be easy. In this case you can always try using synthetic urine available at various locations such as smoke shops etc. These substitutes are available in the form of a liquid as well as powder. The only problem with the liquid is that it does not have an odour.

When it comes to marijuana, its presence is lesser obvious if you do not administer the drug for a fixed period of time. This, however, depends on various factors such as frequency of usage, drug potency, the user’s body type and chemistry etc. So if you are looking to abstain from the drug to pass marijuana urine test, you may want to look into all these factors.

However, since most of these tests are quite sudden, abstinence is not always an option for many.