Diets for Children and Nutrition Information for Babies

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About Amino Acids:

Proteins are formed by amino acids and these amino acids are paramount to built all body proteins as structural (muscle) or functional (enzymes) to built this important body proteins, we require amino acid: a total of 20 amino acids are grouped in two groups: 9 essential and 11 non essential. Essential cannot be regenerated, it must be ingested, and non essential will be generated by the body.

Proteins that contain the all 9 essential amino acid are call high quality protein and almost all animal and soy bean protein is high quality proteins,

The proteins that has 8 or less of essential amino acid are low quality protein or incomplete proteins, almost all vegetable protein are low quality protein but not all of them lacks from the same essential amino acid, eating a combination of vegetable will supplement the lacking amino acid each specific vegetable protein.