Like many other major cities in the U.S. (L a, Dallas, Miami), Chicago has numerous massage treatment schools that potential students can pick from, all located inside the city. Unlike many other major cities, Chicago lacks many nationwide or statewide vocational schools, like Everest College, offering a massage treatment program. Instead, nine largely local schools offer Chicagoans a massage treatment education, along with a decent way to process which school is what you need is with three factors: Location, cost and program type.

Starting with location, many Chicago massages therapy schools are located downtown, within a few blocks of Grant Park. These schools (Cortiva, The Soma Institute) are great choices for students either moving to the downtown area or relying on public transportation, as there are many options nearby. Also rapidly when compared with mile or so of Grant Park and located near public transportation would be the New School of Massage. Other options farther from downtown Chicago, but located along side I-94 corridor, include Northwestern College as well as the Marco Polo Schools.

If transportation will not be the last word deciding factor, cost might be. And Chicago massages schools vary widely in tuition rates. On your luxury, for instance, is Northwestern College, with tuition topping out at $20,000-plus. On your lower end of the dimensions are schools like the Marco Polo Schools or the Rosel School of Massage Therapy, whose tuitions total around $6,000. In the centre are schools such as the Cortiva Institute as well as the Soma Institute, with tuitions that total around $14,000.